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When will I get used to my hearing aids?

Adapting to your hearing aids will take some time. Top audiologists recommend 3 weeks in order for your brain to adapt to wearing hearing aids. The recommended schedule for getting used to your hearing aids is as follows:

Start by wearing your hearing aids for at least 1-2 hours per day while living your normal routine around the house in order to acclimate your ears to your hearing aids. It is normal to get irritated by the fit of your hearing aids during the first few weeks.

During the second week, start wearing your hearing aids outdoors. As your ears acclimate to the hearing aid, extend the use to 3-4 hours per day. At this point, you will start to notice little sounds you were unable to hear before.

By the end of the third week, you can start having regular outdoor conversations at any volume, whether you're at a crowded restaurant or at work. You are now acclimated to the hearing aids!

My order is missing parts

We are so sorry your order was incomplete! Please double check your packaging and hearing aid box for all pieces. Sometimes they get stuck in corners and are just a little hard to see :)

Warranty information

Every purchase comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. This covers defective products and will guarantee a free replacement in the case of a defective product. This does not cover broken, lost, or water-damaged products.

If you have purchased our lifetime protection plan, you can replace any broken, lost, or water-damaged product for our exclusive member price rather than needing to pay full price for another pair. Replacing your LUNA is $29, while replacing your LUNA Pro is $39.


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