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New Lower Price! Don't be surprised! Yes, you read that right - it's the price for a full pair of hearing aids! Introducing Our Latest Luna Model: The Ideal Solution for Clear Communication🎉

Enjoy enhanced speech clarity in everyday conversations, TV watching, and small group interactions with the Luna, our best-selling hearing aid.

Three Settings: Universal, Noisy Environment, and Music for customized listening.
Rechargeable: Easy charging eliminates the need for batteries.
Simple Controls: Adjust volume and settings with a straightforward rocker switch.
Multiple Fitting Tips: Includes five sizes (XS to XL) for a perfect fit.
Standard and Optional Tubing: Comes with size 2 tubing and an optional size 1 for added comfort.
Feel safe with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.
✅FDA Registered Hearing Aids.

Experience clearer sound with Luna, combining convenience and affordability in one device.

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  • UP TO

    3 charges with the portable charging case.

  • UP TO

    16 hours of listening time with each charge.


    It’s our 100% satisfaction guaranteed promise to you! Try 99DollarHearingAids for 45 days and if you’re not fully satisfied, return them for a full refund. Contact our helpful support agents, any time, day or night. We make it easy.

Hear the world in its truest form of sound

No more batteries to save your money

Enjoy a full day of hearing without changing another tiny battery again—a single charge of the LUNA gives you 16+ hours of clear hearing. Simply set your hearing aids in the charging case at night and have reliable power that lasts all day.

Revitalize your life

Hear what matters with smart noise reduction

Say goodbye to background noise. Two directional microphones work together to distinguish the sounds you want to hear from the ones you don’t. You’ll hear clearly and comfortably, even in noisy environments like restaurants and social gatherings.

  • Your active lifestyle

    You’re exposed to different levels of noise every day, but with four unique program settings designed by audiologists, you’ll have clear sound no matter where you find yourself.

  • Noisy environments

    Advanced microphone technology separates what you want to hear from the background noise, so you can hear in noisy environments such as meetings, churches, and restaurants.

  • Watching TV

    Start sharing your favorite shows again. Advanced technology focuses on the dialog so you can turn down the TV volume to a level that everyone can enjoy. 

  • Crystal-clear conversations

    Make the most of every moment with the people you love. State-of-the-art hearing technology gives you the stress-free conversations you deserve.

  • Talking on the phone

    Experience frustration-free phone calls when you can hear the person on the other end—no more shouting and no more asking people to repeat themselves.

  • Traveling

    Don't worry about losing power or fussing with batteries when you're on the go. Simply charge your devices at night and you'll have clear hearing all day long.

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Experience uninterrupted hearing

Comfort you can feel, and others can’t see

Our nearly invisible hearing aids are as small as a coin and sit discreetly behind your ear. The thin, clear tubing and tips are designed to fit so perfectly in your ear canal that you may even forget you have them on.

Say good bye to $5000 hearing aids

Easy to use, complete control

No need for a custom fit or expensive trips to the audiologist. Simple controls on the hearing aid allow you to adjust the volume and choose from three different sound settings with the touch of a finger.

Clear Hearing, Comfortable Fit

Fits great with glasses

Our hearing aids and thin tubing fit comfortably between your glasses and your ear, no special accessories needed!


FREE Portable Charging Case

2 LUNA hearing aids

5+ Earbud Sizes

Cleaning accessories

Directions manual

  • We are confident that we know our users better than anyone else. Do we have an advantage over our competitors because our founders graduated from an audiology program of world renown? Yes, and no. Is that just because he has been in the audiology industry for years? Yes, and no. The most important reason is that he, too, has hearing loss.

  • The founder of our company was diagnosed with hearing loss as a child; he was unfortunate. However, through experience and expertise, he learned that most people with hearing loss have similar hearing loss patterns, but they shouldn't be forced to pay for expensive hearing aids or so-called hearing services.

  • So, three years ago, our founder decided to start his own business. As a result of his mission, he wanted to help people with hearing loss regain the important moments of their lives that they had lost, and most importantly, at a reasonable price.

  • How was he going to do it?
    ✓ A hearing study involving over 3000 volunteers was conducted
    ✓ A pre-programmed approach to reducing unnecessary expenses
    ✓ A reducement of middlemen by connecting directly with factories

  • The end result? We finally succeeded in bringing medical-grade 99DollarHearingAids hearing aids to you! With the latest digital hearing technology, high-performance chip, and ergonomic design, they are perfect for 94% of Americans with hearing loss, but only for 1/10 the price of traditional hearing aids. We may not be the longest operating company, but we are the one that understands you the best. We won't stop there, and we will continue to optimize our products to provide you with more advanced, more powerful and affordable high quality products.

  • US Company

    With over a decade of experience, we know improving your hearing is a journey. Our team of dedicated hearing aid specialists is here to assist you every step of the way.

  • Dedicated Team

    Sometimes you need to talk to a real person. That’s why 99DollarHearingAids comes with professional lifetime support at absolutely no cost.

We’ve already changed the lives of 100,000+ Americans, will you be next?

You've got questions, we got answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with the Luna?

  • 2X Luna™ Hearing Aid
  • 1X Portable Wireless  Charging Case
  • Charging Cable (USBC) & Wall Plug
  • 2X Standard Sound Tubes
  • 1X Ear Tips Set (5 Different Sizes, XS / S / M / L / XL)
  • User Manual & Cleaning Tool

Is this covered by insurance?

No, but we do accept FSA and HSA cards for payment at checkout!

Will 99DollarHearingAids Hearing Aids Work for Me?

Our hearing devices are effective for most users, but if they happen to not meet your needs, rest assured, we offer a 45-day money-back guarantee. So, feel free to give them a try without any risk.

Will these fit my ears?

In every package, we include five different sizes of ear tips. With over 100,000 units sold, we confidently assure you that there's a perfect fit for any ear size. Additionally, our devices come with a standard-sized sound tube that suits the majority of users. However, if you find the tube length unsuitable after wearing it, we're happy to provide you with longer or shorter adapters free of charge.

Will these be too big for my ears?

It's highly unlikely! Our product measures 1.125” x 0.25” x 0.5”, meaning it's incredibly compact! Most people can even wear it comfortably alongside their glasses.

These can’t be as good as $5,000 hearing aids, can they?

Luna may not boast all the fancy extras of $5,000 hearing aids, but they offer everything necessary to enhance your hearing. At just 5% of the cost of prescription hearing aids, they've proven effective for over 100,000 satisfied customers. And if they don't meet your expectations, you can always return them and explore prescription options!

When can I expect my order?

Quick! We dispatch all orders within 24-48 hours of receipt! Typically, our products arrive at your doorstep within 2-7 business days on average.

Customer Reviews

Based on 634 reviews
Ken R. (Buckeye, AZ, US)
Luna love

I've been using the Luna from Binowav for 2 years and can't say enough about them. They are everything as advertised.

Lois B. (Martins Ferry, OH, US)
My review

I am really enjoying the hearing aids. It is so wonderful to hear again! I do have one question though. If I would like to purchase only the bigger hearing pieces only, how would I go about doing that? You have been so helpful before, I am sure you be halpful to me once more. The smaller pieces keep popping out of my ears. Excellent customer service!!

Thank you!

Hello, thank you for leaving a positive review! We'll start selling combo packs with only a single size ear domes and sound tubes around May.

Richard T. (Constantia, NY, US)
Happy Hearing

Thank you for making my life better with these hearing aids as I can understand people talking again. The clarity is really good for watching TV also..hearing

Barbara N. (Albuquerque, NM, US)
New Lease on Life

Buying your hearing aids have greatly improved my life . My husband no longer gets angery at repeating himself several times for me . I have also by word of mouth had 3 family members purchase your hearing aids .

Bill H.s. (Edgemont, SD, US)

My hearing is much better with Luna!
I would definitely buy from them again!